helping hand to everyone who has inner frustrations and suffer from the feeling of hopelessness.

Blue Rose Down is raw and uncompromising bastard blues, that hammers through the darkness andmakes the audience sit on the edges of their chairs.

The music is an honest portrayal of the dealings with frustrations, chaos and addictions, that puts the mind at the cutting edge.

With his down tuned resonator guitar, an angry fuzz pedal and a threatening kick drum, He whips mental slaps out in concert halls all over the country, when he takes up the fight against his inner demons which often are triggered by alcohol, self-hatred and earlier explosive relationships.

Blue Rose Down does not suppress his anger, which cuts through when he performs his hymns of anger about pure self-hatred and a bunch of fucks are being thrown towards the commonwealth and those systems that continuously suppress the people in what, supposedly, should be a safe and accepting society.

Blue Rose Down has toured all of Denmark and has in the spring of 2020 supported Soren Andersen (Glen Hughes, Electric Guitars, Anne Linnet and more). This support-tour continues in the spring of 2021 and he will again be found on the stages around the country.

The new single ”August 17” is out now!

Music & Lyrics: Thejs Nyland
Violin: Thyge van Dassen
Producer: Frederik H. Lacoppidan
Mastering: Fabian Tormin (Myrkur , Biffy Clyro , Kurt Vile etc.)

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Blue Rose Down